Aircraft Navigation System with constant & fast strobes, 10w



    NavStrobe System 10w

Available at Aircraft Spruce # 11-16470

Product Description

Emitter Types: Philips LED’s

2ea. Wingtip combination navigation and strobe light (BAY15scs-10w-A-1512)
1ea. White tailfin combination navigation and strobe light (BA15sWcs-10w-1156)
2ea. Lens cover gaskets (Sextant A450)
1ea. Dielectric grease pouch (Sextant 31880)

– Rated Voltage: 10-28VDC
– Draws <732ma @ 14.2VDC
– 2 modes: constant & fast strobe
– Base Type: BAY15s for wingtip & BA15s for tailfin
– Application: Navigation Light replacement.

Operation: Turn on first; Constant lighting / Turn on second time; <3s: Fast Strobe. Switch between modes in fog/cloud etc. The reset mode sets them back to constant on by removing the power for > 30 seconds. Handy after fuel up  to start again in steady on mode.

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