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Smart LED Lights for Land, Sea, & Air

NavStrobe Lighting is pleased to announce the development of a very low cost solution to improve aircraft safety. We have developed a combination navigation light and strobe light in one simple replacement bulb. The Wingtip LED bulb that we developed is a direct replacement for the  A-1512 bulb from Grimes, Rapco, and Whelen Model E. The tailfin LED bulb is a direct replacement for the GE 93 and 1691 bulb. We have built in a micro circuit into the base of both bulbs that allows the LED bulb to change modes by simply moving the Nav switch in the cockpit from OFF to ON to go into the steady ON mode. When you want to go to strobe mode, move the Nav switch from OFF to ON within 3 seconds and you enter the strobe mode. The modes change each time you operate the Nav switch. There is no modification required to the aircraft. Simply replace the existing bulbs.

Our Sextant kit uses only 940ma in constant mode and less than 700ma in strobe mode. The traditional bulbs use 8000ma (8 amps). The expected life of the LEDs is about 10,000 hrs.

The smart LED bulb assemblies can be seen at

The most popular combination is called the Sextant kit (ACS # 11-18888) strobe system, that is FAA/TCCA TSO-C30c compliant.